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About GREENSAFE Retractable Shade Covers

THE GREENSAFE ELECTRICALLY RETRACTABLE SHADE CANOPY SYSTEM was the first of its kind in the world. It was conceived in 1989 and after extensive research the first prototype was built in South East Queensland using civil engineering materials and technique. A second prototype followed 12 months later, testing other ways of building a retractable canopy. GREENSAFE RETRACTABLE SHADE CANOPIES have since been installed in many locations in Queensland and around Australia. We have always SPECIALISED in building ONLY LARGE ELECTRICALLY RETRACTABLE SHADE CANOPIES. Our Company does not build small retractable shade covers around the perimeter of sporting areas. We have spent over 18 years building and improving our product: It is not only the first large electrically retractable shadecloth structure in the world; it is also far and away the best, having regard to ease of operation, minimal maintenance and above all the most comfortable and effective to play under.

A GREENSAFE RETRACTABLE SHADE COVER can be built any width and any length to suit the particular location. Installation will take between two and four weeks with minimum disruption.

A GREENSAFE RETRACTABLE SHADE COVER is engineered designed for the specific location, with a Ten Year Structural Warranty; including the Shadecloth And Stitching.

The SHADECLOTH is fully AUSTRALIAN manufactured; is 90% Heavy Duty Commercial Grade All Monofilament -- no flat tape. Research has shown that 90% is the preferred shadecloth; it has a longer life, is better able to withstand high winds and cyclonic conditions than the previously used 80% shadecloth and still allows the desired amount of light for any sporting requirements.

The cloth is sewn with TENARA thread: manufactured from UV resistant, 100% expanded polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) which is two to three times stronger than conventional PTFE and warranted for 14 years against UV degradation.

GREENSAFE POSTS are 100mm by 100mm by 6mm SHS. The Best Protection for steel work is Hot Dipped Galvanising because this coats all the steel inside the post as well as outside. Research shows that this Treatment Lasts Longer and provides Better Protection for the steel than powder- coating or two-pack painting systems. Posts styles are engineer designed to the specific requirements of the project.

The MAIN SUPPORTING CABLES are 20mm hi-tensile, galvanised, waxed and polypropylene sheathed and tensioned to between 8 and 10 tonnes using special techniques. This cable only relaxes .0.6% in 60 years. The shadecloth is attached to the two side cables by special injection moulded connectors and is carried on TOP of the intermediate cables, giving a smooth even height to the cloth. Because of the high tension in the outside cables, the shadecloth does not pull in and sag when the canopy is extended and is able to be tightened much better than other systems in its length as well as its width Because of all this high tension the shadeloth is extremely tight with very little sagging between the cables. Typically the shadecloth is 3.3 metres above the ground surface level at its LOWEST point.

OPERATING WIRES & MOTORS: The cloth is extended and retracted by stainless steel wires drawn by three phase powered one and a half HP high industrial quality electric motors.

WARRANTY: Ten year structural warranty, including the shadecloth and stitching. The Tenara thread is warranted 14 years against UV degradation.

All claims made by our company regarding our product can be shown and have been proven over a long period of time.
  • Electrically Retractable
  • 90% Shade from the Sun and UV
  • Retractable in case of storms
  • Reduces Water Evaporation
  • Saves on Chemical usage
  • Increases Patronage
  • Increases the Life of Synthetic Carpet
  • Protects Natural Grass from scorching Sun
  • Reduces the Temperature at the surface by up to 20 degrees
  • Provides a Safer more Comfortable Environment